MyGeekGoddess Kickstarter “The Art of the Geek Goddess”

It has finally happened! We are about to launch our Kickstarter for our very first book! As we prep for launch (tomorrow, Thursday, at roughly 11am EST) you can check out the preview and go ahead and check out the perks! You can also give us a heads up if there is typos or errors you see! Spot something? Email it to! But it gets even better!! Members ONLY will be able to purchase GirlxGirl sets. How? You MUST contribute via the campaign and then email us with the name you used on the campaign and what your girlxgirl choice is! Here are the options! Price for GirlxGirl sets are: $400 Pick one of our next sets to feature from a list of possible choices. You will receive high resolution digital images images of the photo set including 10+ exclusive images for your eyes only. Please see the main description for the available Goddesses Alora Jaymes and Rockabilly Roxie: Alice and White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland) Nurse Harley and Lady Toxica: Moka and Mizore (Rosario Vampire) Rockabilly Roxie and Toxica: Dva and Mei (Overwatch) Nurse Harley and Peachy Keen: Magenta and Columbia (Rocky Horror) Nurse Harley and Jessica Nova: Android 21 and 18 (DBZ) Peachy Keen and Jessica Nova: Ryoko and Washu (Tenchi!) Val Valkyrie and Jessica Nova: Widowmaker and Mercy Summer Games Inspired Skins (Swimsuit Edition) (Overwatch) Galaxia Eden and Jessica Nova: Captain Marvel and Valkyrie (Marvel Comics) We also have a three girl set available at $600 Lady Toxica, Nurse Harley and Jessica Nova as Moka, Mizore, and Kurumu from Rosario Vampire

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