Birthday: April 23rd
Pronoun: He/Him
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual / Questioning
Astrological Sign: Taurus

The Next Adventure

Welcome ChrisCrossPlay to GeekGlory as he debarks on his next adventure with us.

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The Next Adventure

Gang Star

A Reason to Fight

What makes me a Geek Deity?

I’m just a simple guy who enjoys crossplaying and lewdies!

– ChrisCrossPlay

Deity’s Blog

It’s Nice to Meet You!

‎ Hello! My name is ChrisCrossPlay (He/Him), I’m a SoCal and Instagram crossplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for about six years now, with a wardrobe ranging from full-armor sets to maid outfits and bunny suits! I’m still figuring things out on the website / Discord, but I’m thrilled to be joining

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Fondest Geek Memory

Shooting at Riot Games Studios!

What is/are your Nerdy Little Secrets?
I’m a sub boi with a thing for ropes.

Dream Cosplay

Maple (BOFURI) or Gun Goddess Miss Fortune (League of Legends)

Convention: Anime Los Angeles, Anime Expo Real Geek: Jemaine Clement Fictional Geek: Asuna Yuki (SAO) Character to Cosplay: Ball Girl (Pokemon) Food: Chipotle Steak Bowl Movie: Kung Fu Panda TV Show: Stranger Things Color: Purple Style of Panties: Thong

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