Pigeon Foo

Birthday: September 8th
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Astrological Sign: Year of the Dragon

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I’ve overcome my initial insecurities, I’ve grown to not only accept my nerdy ways but to wield that aspect of my life like a fine weapon. I wear my interests as a badge of honor instead of burying them. My modeling career is sexually charged and completely intertwined with the things I love in my life.

– Pigeon Foo

My nerdy little secrets.

When I first started to cosplay… I almost never wore a wig, the ones I did were just dreadful and cheap. Oh the shame. The humanity. I’m glad no images survived from that time in my life.

Recommended Sets

My True Self

Ability Scan

Apocalyptic Education

Dream Cosplay

So many! Armitage from Armitage III ranks very high up there, as well as a large collection of the Darkstalkers characters.

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Convention: DragonCon. It’s my Home Away From Home
Real Geek Female: Amy Poehler
Fictional Geek Female: Morrigan Aensland and Harley Quinn. I can’t decide.
Character to Cosplay: Lady Medusa Gorgon. I’ve never felt so -right- in a costume.
Food: Sushi, Pho, McDonalds, Soda.
Movie: Sci Fi: The Labyrinth.
TV Show: Venture Bros.
Color: Red
Style of Panties: Free ballin’

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