Silver Kitsune

November 4th
Pronoun: They/Them
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

Fully Fledged

Far from weak or defenseless, it's time for this bird to leave the nest.


Sometimes when things look bleak it's time to become your own hope for the future. "Stay afraid, but do it anyway!"

What makes me a Geek Deity?


– Silver Kitsune

Fondest Geek Memory

Seeing my name on a world wide asteroid research paper as a member of the observational team.

What are your Nerdy Little Secrets?

When I play MTG, I don’t bother to read the cards, I build my decks based on how pretty the art is.

– Silver Kitsune

Recommended Sets

Fully Fledged

Twisted Sithster

Monster Mash

Dream Cosplay

Nightcrawler (X-Men), Captain Amelia (Treasure Planet), Cardassian (Star Trek: TNG), Anubis Jaffa (Stargate: SG1), Jareth (Labyrinth)

Convention: DragonCon
Real Geek Girl: Stephen Hawking
Fictional Geek Girl: Daniel Jackson (SG-1)
Character to Cosplay: Hawkeye (MCU)
Food: Cheese
Movie: Princess Bride
TV Show: Star Trek: TNG & Supernatural
Color: Gray
Style of Panties: low rise bikini cut, black cotton

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