MegaCon and Burlesque Debut!

Hey all! Long time, no post. Have no fear, though. You’re going to hear so much from me this week that you’ll beg the mods to cut me off. May was a hectic month for me. I had Mega, Momo, then GalaxyCon Richmond. MegaCon was the first of the three, and also the con that marks my debut into the burlesque world. I performed my Witch Mercy and Starfire routines in Orlando at Wonderworks. It was an amazing experience and it showed me just how well I can handle the stage when I’m well practiced. All the nervousness and fear was not there. I was focused on the music and on just feeling myself and trying to not let any internalized slut-shaming to creep in and ruin this empowering experience. Being on stage and having complete control over myself, my body, and how it is perceived gives me a performer high that I’ve never felt before! I’m so excited to work on my next two acts. I chose Harley Quinn and Mera for the next MyGG performances. I want to go all in with the performance world. I cannot wait to share more with you all! Have a photo of Miss Nova herself and I from MegaCon to hold you oer to my Richmond writeup!

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OR SO ONE WOULD THINK!!! sold out of certain items and now I gotta restock everything for AUSA in DC, WHICH btw if you are going make sure you stop by my booth and say