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finally able to breath?

OR SO ONE WOULD THINK!!! sold out of certain items and now I gotta restock everything for AUSA in DC, WHICH btw if you are going make sure you stop by my booth and say

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I have pierced nips!

Some of you may know that I’m nonbinary (agender to be exact) so I am very dysphoric about a lot a gendered human body parts. Of course, as someone working two jobs, I’ll probably never

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Colossalcon east and all the headaches

With CCE coming in…….3 days……holy crap…. Things are kinda hectic here in casa de Eri, I’m making all the plushies and merch for my artist table and practicing my routines for the show with bubblepop

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MyGeekGlory Deities are more than meets the eye.

Our Deities aren’t damsels to be saved or washboard abs; they are strong, fierce and beautiful people, an integral part of the nerd culture we value.

Our Deities are more than their high score. They aren’t mere socially awkward Barbarians with a 3 Charisma, or naughty nymphs bathing in a fountain, they are smart, kind and charming members of a geeky community we love.

We have created MyGeekGlory to lead from within our beloved geek culture, strengthening it while leaving no corner of fandom overlooked. We engage our audience, draw them in and invite them to grow with us. We invite you to join us and to share with our Deities your unique views and interests as we celebrate this delightful mesh of naughty, nerdy, fun and flirty.

At MyGeekGlory we aren't here to sell you the best most realistic carbon copy of your favorite characters, we are here to introduce you to real people that share your fandoms and are passionate about all their geeky interests. Our Deities are cosplayers, nerds, geeks, and dorks from across the world ready to embrace themselves and their creative side in erotic art for our members to enjoy. But don't stop there. We want you to meet and interact with our Deities because it's not about the fantasy it's about the reality.
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