The Deities

Alice Malice
Alora Jaymes
Anne Drogynous
Banshee Bae
Bat Bushka
Batsy Sinclair
Brittnie Jade
Emily Astrom
Erisaka Blu
Faylin Lynx
Foxi Mochi
Galaxia Eden
Hada Pixie
Haruko Gordon
Holy Cherries
Jazs Lavonne
Jay Ignition
Jess Jupiter
Jessica Nova
Julien Neptune
Kali Neko
Katrea Lux
Kawaii Ringo
Kita Minx
Kassandra Leigh
La Reina
Lady Ghost
Lily Rose
Lilith Lovelace
Logan Laveau
Logan Lee Wei
Lottie Flick
Luna Lain
Lydia Vengeance
Mika Marionette
Minnie D'Moocha
Murderdoll Ivy
Nana Valtiel
Peachy Keen
Petite Renard
Pigeon Foo
Pixie Pie
Prisma Bunny
Raia Safyre
Reya Fet
Risky Sour
Rockabilly Roxie
Ruby Renoir
Silver Kitsune
Solara Luxx
Stephanie Marie
Taliah Bloom
Tox Suki
Trinity Katze
Tristin Vitriol
Wicked Lady

How the Pandemic is affecting MyGeekGlory

It’s been a long year. Tomorrow will be officially 1 year since MyGeekGlory has had any in person events. As some of you may know, we launched MyGeekGlory mere weeks before the pandemic hit and everything shut down. We’ve worked hard this last year to keep everything going and keep

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New Feature – Download Cosplay Sets

I am happy to report that we are in the process launching a brand new site feature that will allow for the download of our nude cosplay photo sets. In fact, it’s already available on the last few launched sets; and we are adding the rest as fast as we

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Belated Hello!

Because at heart I’m a dumb bitch, it took me quite a while to figure out the blog (RIP). However HELLO! It is nice to virtually meet you all! I guess this will just be the about me blah blah blah so I’ll try to make it interesting as possible.

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It’s Nice to Meet You!

‎ Hello! My name is ChrisCrossPlay (He/Him), I’m a SoCal and Instagram crossplayer. I’ve been cosplaying for about six years now, with a wardrobe ranging from full-armor sets to maid outfits and bunny suits! I’m still figuring things out on the website / Discord, but I’m thrilled to be joining

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Aged Wine From The Rack

Wow, it’s been a long time hasn’t it, my pretties? Just when you thought I wasn’t going to be a part of this amazing community anymore, I’m back and ready to create Create CREATE! It’s been a heavy, developmental journey I’ve been on, fighting the demons I’m sure we’ve all

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MyGeekGlory Launch and Rebrand

We are happy to announce the soft launch of MyGeekGlory. The wait is finally over; for the most part. I call this a soft launch because while you can sign up for the new site and start viewing all the wonderful sets we have there are a few items we

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