The Goddesses

Alice Malice
Alora Jaymes
Brittnie Jade
Chaotic Kiryu
Emily Astrom
Erisaka Blu
Faylin Lynx
Foxi Mochi
Galaxia Eden
Hada Pixie
Holy Cherries
Jazs Lavonne
Jess Jupiter
Jessica Nova
Kali Neko
Kassandra Leigh
Katrea Lux
Kita Minx
Lily Rose
Logan Laveau
Luna Lain
Lydia Vengeance
Mika Marionette
Minnie D'Moocha
Murderdoll Ivy
Nana Valtiel
Nurse Harley
Peachy Keen
Petite Renard
Pigeon Foo
Pixie Pie
Prisma Bunny
Raia Safyre
Reya Fet
Risky Sour
Rockabilly Roxie
Ruby Renoir
Stephanie Marie
Tox Suki
Toxic Techno
Val Valkyrie
Wicked Lady

finally able to breath?

OR SO ONE WOULD THINK!!! sold out of certain items and now I gotta restock everything for AUSA in DC, WHICH btw if you are going make sure you stop by my booth and say hi!! i’ll be a guest with BPB so i’ll be there all weekend!!

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I have pierced nips!

Some of you may know that I’m nonbinary (agender to be exact) so I am very dysphoric about a lot a gendered human body parts. Of course, as someone working two jobs, I’ll probably never be able to afford safe surgery. Some say surgery and body modifications are “mutilation”. I

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Colossalcon east and all the headaches

With CCE coming in…….3 days……holy crap…. Things are kinda hectic here in casa de Eri, I’m making all the plushies and merch for my artist table and practicing my routines for the show with bubblepop burlesque! If you happen to be going to CCE you should pop by booth and

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Just wanted to say HI

… a little birdy told me my next set is going live soonish, i guess i gotta start figuring out what ill be posting here next… Ive gotten lost in photography land so im not sure what Ill do for my next cosplay here, but it will be something I

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Shoot new sets for the site

Shooting three potential sets for the site! Splicer (BioShock) for a potential Halloween set, Mizore Shirayuki (Rosario + Vampire), and Iris Amicitia (Final Fantasy XV). I am so excited about shooting this for the website especially Iris! Who are you most excited to see? (Tried posting a photo of my

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July and Mid-August Update

Hey everyone! I wanted to post an update about all that has happened the past three weeks! I’m currently living in a new state and home. It’s lovely here, and I am so excited to see how my health improves here. I’ve spent the last three weeks unpacking my room

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