Bad Girl

Birthday: August 4th
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Mostly Lesbian Pansexual
Astrological Sign: Leo

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

Being an MTF transgender, having been on hrt for 4 years now, I’m finally feeling confident in myself for the first time. I’m proud of how my body looks now, and I want to express my new self-love through modeling.

– Bad Girl

Recommended Sets

By the Book

The Next Adventure

HelloOoOo Nurse

Dream Cosplay

I've been wanting to perform a striptease to "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga while wearing an exact replica of her outfit in the music video. I've been saving it for a very special occasion...which is still yet to come.
My nerdy little secrets.

I have a serious clown kink. I believe the word is Coulrophilia.

Fondest Geek Memory

In 2003, my little brother and I entered a skit contest together at our very first anime convention. We won Best of Show, and couldn't believe it!

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Convention: Holiday Matsuri
Real Geek Female: Bunny Trooper, Cosplay Sugar High, Ubergeeks Cosplay (Team UGC)
Fictional Geek Female: Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia), Spinel (Steven Universe), Mal (Disney Descendants), Circus Baby (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location), Frieza (Dragonball Z/Super)
Character to Cosplay: Golden Frieza (Dragonball Super), Circus Baby (Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location), Neliel (Bleach), Sarah Sanderson (Hocus Pocus).
Food: Sushi, Pizza, all types of Cheese
Movie: Tokyo Godfathers, Ponyo, Sailor Moon the Movie R, Hocus Pocus, Jurassic Park, Spice World, Jason X, Godzilla VS King Ghidorah (1991)
TV Show: Dragonball Super, My Hero Academia, Omishi Magical Theater: Risky Safety, The Super Mario Bros Super Show, Poke’mon (Indigo League and Orange Islands)
Color: Jet Black, Onyx, Hot Pink, Radioactive Green
Style of Panties: Thong and G-String