Bulgarian Bonbon

July 17th
Pronoun: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Asexual heteromantic
Astrological Sign: Cancer


Fourteenth of the Hill

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I’ve always loved the feminine and confident side of pinup. Mixing my love of cosplay and performing just makes it all feel so right. I love my body and I’m excited to have a place to share my art that feels positive and makes me feel so welcome and loved.

– Bulgarian Bonbon

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Fourteenth of the Hill

Fourteenth of the Hill



Fondest Geek Memory

My first time guesting at a convention. Not only did the staff make me feel so welcome but when people recognized me I was so flattered!

Dream Cosplay

I always love being weird and wild, or thinking outside of the box! I want so badly to be Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo. One day!

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Convention: Holiday Matsuri

Real Geek: Matt Mercer

Character to Cosplay: Dio Brando from Jojo

Food: A nice cozy pho!

Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Color: Silver

Style of Panties: High waisted/high cut thongs. Always so flattering!

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