Birthday: January 30th
Sexual Orientation: Biromantic
Astrological Sign: Aquarius

Winter Weed

Not all weeds wither in winter. This one has a deadly warmth.


Can you keep this Elven Maid from going into the West?

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I made my first “cosplay” by hand about 15 years ago before I knew cosplay was actually a thing. It was terrible but I was so proud at the time and have been making costumes since. I spend far too many hours playing video games (mostly PC). I will get completely lost to the outside world and before I know it, the weekend is over and I’ve accomplished nothing other than many completed quests or built an entire house (I play a lot of Minecraft…) I’m also a comic book nerd. Batman and Thor are my favorites (Thor since I saw Adventures in Babysitting when I was little). Whenever I travel I always feel like if someone were to randomly find my carryon luggage they would assume it was a grandma and her grandson since I always bring knitting or crocheting, comics and my Marvel coloring books. I’m also a huge fan of horror movies, shows, video games, etc. I can’t sleep with the closet open, covers off or without checking under the bed first but I still love them.

– Essi

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Winter Weed

Winter Weed



My nerdy little secrets.

Does this count?

Recommended Sets

Winter Weed

Jokes on You

Books and Cleverness

Dream Cosplay

That is also a very long list. My dream is more to have the funds and time to make the very complex ones.

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Convention: Pax
Real Geek Female: Felicia Day, Tina Fey and Abby Dark Star
Fictional Geek Female: That’s way too many to list. My cosplays are generally of my
favorite characters. Ana from Frozen is my spirit animal, Princess Leia, Lady Sif and Dana
Scully are among my all-time favorites.
Character to Cosplay: Oh man, they are all my favorite. Poison Ivy is definitely one I
enjoy doing many variations of.
Food: Peanut butter, chocolate and sushi. Not together. That’s gross.
Movie: Star Wars, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ghost Busters, Stardust
X-Files, Family Guy, Farscape, Star Trek
Color: Purple and something that falls in-between tiffany blue and seafoam green
Style of Panties: Boyshorts all the way-I tend to not wear pants at home and boyshorts
make me feel slightly less awkward if my neighbors happen to notice.

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