Birthday: July 19th
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Astrological Sign: Cancer

Last Drink

The carrier of a cursed seal, she just needs a little R&R in the woods

Hurricane Fury

She may go easy on you even if she has to dock you 20 points

Devil Child

Her skills are considered forbidden, find out why!

Fondest Geek Memory:

Arguing with my friend about which was better and would ultimately go farthest in 4th grade (me) Zelda vs (her) Pokémon

– Fauna

My nerdy little secrets.

nerdy secrets o.O

Dream Cosplay

the perfect melona costume *__*

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Convention: DragonCon
Food: sushi
Movie: coralline / ghostworld
TV Show: atm archer
Color: teal / turquoise
Style of Panties: thong

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