Birthday: February 18th
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Astrological Sign: I am a true Aquarius/Pisces Cusp! Born on the 18th, the final day of The Aquarian!

Ninja Delivery Girl

What does a Russian Assassin do in her down time?

Shock to the Head

Be careful or this Sweet Zombie may just give you a Shock to the Head.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I had one Supporter tell me after I became an Official Goddess, “You are the perfect geeky girl next door. You are adorable, witty, a fun gamer and a very unique GeekGoddess”! And another tell me, “I’m happy my favorite Geek is now a Goddess.” ~Seeing compliments & comments from people that love the work I do, are what I feel makes me a Geek Goddess!

– FoxiMochi

Fondest Geek Memory

MegaCon Orlando! I was honored to be a volunteer with the myGeekGoddess Event Team! Being able to meet mGG Supporters face to face was a huge enjoyment! The greatest Memory of the event was being a fill in Stage Kitten for the Nurdlesque Burlesque Show! Seeing the shows in action, being a part of what makes the show & the high quality performances the myGeekGoddess reputation holds!

Dream Cosplay

Chi (Chobits)

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Convention: Louisville SuperCon… My 1st Convention & a HUGE part of me becoming a GeekGoodess!
Real Geek Girl:If it were not for a friend of MGG pushing me to be a Goddess, I never would have discovered the new world ahead in my career. So. The MyGeekGoddess Crew are all my Favorite REAL Geeks! Cliche maybe? Oh well! Honesty is my policy! <3
Fictional Geek Girl: Ryoko of Tenshi Muyo! She does what she wants when she wants! “I don’t give a damn about my reputation!”

Character to Cosplay: Ramona Flowers!
Food: Does Coffee Count as a Food??

Movie: If you see Leonardo DiCaprio in anything…. its a favorite!

TV Show: ARCHER! Not the answer you expected? I could list a million shows from Live Action, Anime & the like & could NOT give a straight Answer!

Color: Mint Green

Style of Panties: Seamless Thongs & Cheekies! SO SILKY! My Favorites are From Victoria Secret & Target!

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