Birthday: February 18th
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Astrological Sign: I am a true Aquarius/Pisces Cusp! Born on the 18th, the final day of The Aquarian!

Ninja Delivery Girl

What does a Russian Assassin do in her down time?

Shock to the Head

Be careful or this Sweet Zombie may just give you a Shock to the Head.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I had one Supporter tell me after I became an Official Goddess, “You are the perfect geeky girl next door. You are adorable, witty, a fun gamer and a very unique GeekGoddess”! And another tell me, “I’m happy my favorite Geek is now a Goddess.” ~Seeing compliments & comments from people that love the work I do, are what I feel makes me a Geek Goddess!

– FoxiMochi

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Shock to the Head

Shock to the Head

Photoset of 100 images featuring FoxiMochi.  Set progresses from fully clothed to...

Ninja Delivery Girl

Ninja Delivery Girl

Photoset of 120 images featuring FoxiMochi.  Set progresses from fully clothed to...

Fondest Geek Memory

MegaCon Orlando! I was honored to be a volunteer with the myGeekGoddess Event Team! Being able to meet mGG Supporters face to face was a huge enjoyment! The greatest Memory of the event was being a fill in Stage Kitten for the Nurdlesque Burlesque Show! Seeing the shows in action, being a part of what makes the show & the high quality performances the myGeekGoddess reputation holds!

Dream Cosplay

Chi (Chobits)

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Convention: Louisville SuperCon… My 1st Convention & a HUGE part of me becoming a GeekGoodess!
Real Geek Girl:If it were not for a friend of MGG pushing me to be a Goddess, I never would have discovered the new world ahead in my career. So. The MyGeekGoddess Crew are all my Favorite REAL Geeks! Cliche maybe? Oh well! Honesty is my policy! <3
Fictional Geek Girl: Ryoko of Tenshi Muyo! She does what she wants when she wants! “I don’t give a damn about my reputation!”

Character to Cosplay: Ramona Flowers!
Food: Does Coffee Count as a Food??

Movie: If you see Leonardo DiCaprio in anything…. its a favorite!

TV Show: ARCHER! Not the answer you expected? I could list a million shows from Live Action, Anime & the like & could NOT give a straight Answer!

Color: Mint Green

Style of Panties: Seamless Thongs & Cheekies! SO SILKY! My Favorites are From Victoria Secret & Target!

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