Haruko Gordon

February 26th
Pronoun: She/Her
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Astrological Sign: Pisces

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Haruko's debut set is both Strange and Unusual.


Watch Haruko get slippery in her latest set.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

Being a geek has shaped so much of my identity. I dress, live, breathe ( even tattoo myself!) in the tales and characters that I’ve fallen in love with. I’ve never been ashamed or embarrassed by my interests and find empowerment in them.

– Haruko Gordon

Haruko’s Blog

Fondest Geek Memory

Meeting Michael Massee who played Funboy in The Crow at a horror convention. I brought my comic to have signed, and while he chatted with me for about 10 minutes, he skimmed through the pages looking for just the right spark of inspiration to write something witty just for me. He finally landed on a panel with Eric filled with bullet holes and he wrote ” I didn’t look as good with this many holes in my body”. I will cherish that time he spent talking to me, and that silly little quote in the back of one of my favorite stories forever.

What is/are your Nerdy Little Secrets?

My first crushes in life were anime characters. Tuxedo Mask, and Kaneda.

– Haruko Gordon

Recommended Sets


I'm Rubber, You're Glue


Dream Cosplay

Guts' Berserker Armor

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Convention: Wizard World Philly
Real Geek: Kevin Smith
Fictional Geek: Charlie Bradbury
Character to Cosplay: Harley Quinn. No other time can I run up to strangers and act a fool all day
Food: Bread. In all forms. Toast, crust, french toast, plain. Don’t care. I love bread. Give me all the bread.
Movie: Comedy- Grandma’s Boy, Horror- Let the Right One In, Action- Mad Max Fury Road, Guilty Pleasure- Clueless
TV Show: Right now I am absolutely in love with and completely captivated by Altered Carbon. Of all time, Avatar the Last Airbender
Color: Purple
Style of Panties: Good ol’ cotton bikini

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