Jazs Lavonne

Birthday: September 1st
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Astrological Sign: Virgo

Weather Witch

We forecast one heck of an incoming weather front.

Apple of Eden

Defending the imprisoned, you'll never see her coming.

Hunter of Souls

If love to torment others, how do you spend some alone time?

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I believe that a geek goddess is woman who is confident in who she is and does not apologize for it. I have always been considered a “geek” amongst my peers for being book smart, playing video games and drawing/watching anime. I do not think this is a bad thing at all I thoroughly embrace it!

– Jazs Lavonne

My nerdy little secrets.

I make comic strips that feature my friends and family and our everyday shenanigans. I’ve also created a card game within one of my comics that I am still working out all of the kinks for.

Recommended Sets

Weather Witch

Elemental Goddess

The Queen

Dream Cosplay

I always love doing the lesser known alternates of popular super heroes. Because of this my dream cosplay will change constantly lol


Convention: Anime Festival Orlando, it was my first one and I met a lot of fantastic people there!
Real Geek Female: I actually don’t have a favorite real life geek anything. I like anyone who embraces their quirks and geeky habits!
Fictional Geek Female: Jess (Zoey Deschanel) from New Girl, Charlie (Felicia Day) from Supernatural
Character to Cosplay: I absolutely love all of my costumes. But I really do love my punk Storm, it’s the first cosplay I was able to feel comfortable wearing after losing over 40 lbs…. even though it’s all leather and gets very hot.
Food: I love, love, love Italian cuisine. Especially fettuccine alfredo and penne with Tuscan chicken.Oh! And also chocolate! One can never go wrong with chocolate!
Movie: My all time favorite movie is Grave of The Fireflies (animated version). I am not the crying type but this movie makes me teary-eyed every time!
TV Show: Supernatural, New Girl, Adventure time, Breaking Pointe, Psycho Pass, High school Of the Dead, Is this a Zombie of the Dead, Samurai Pizza Cats… this list will continue if I don’t stop now.
Color: I love purple and turquoise. But this sometimes depends on my mood. I also love fall colors!
Style of Panties: I enjoy my boy shorts, they are so comfy!

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