Kita Minx

Birthday: August 11th
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Astrological Sign: Leo

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I was one of my debate team captains throughout high school. Like, I willingly gave up most of my weekends FOR FUN just to debate other schools. I guess my debating style can be best described as aggressively diplomatic??? I just straight up enjoy learning and am a fountain of wealth in the vast, vast ocean of useless information. That being said, I have no issue with wasting an entire day on video games or marathoning shows (or both). I think that makes me more of a hermit than anything but I swear, I’m a boss bitch. I also have more than one geeky tattoo, but you’ll have to guess where.

– Kita Minx

My nerdy little secrets.

I get really excited REALLY easily, kind of in the way small nervous dogs do. For example, I was dog sitting this fat little Chihuahua once who would pee all over the place when he got super playful. As I write this, I know I’m no different than that dog; I got so excited about Game of Thrones I started to throw up a little. I cry every time I play Animal Crossing. I hyperventilate whenever someone talks to me about my NERV tattoo. I get so fanatical over things I like! My dad is the same way, but our only shared enthusiasm is Diablo. Oh and I have a dream that one day I can start an anime twerk team.

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Warped Mind

Dream Cosplay

Honestly? Brak from the Brak Show.

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Convention: New York Comic Con
Real Geek Female: Elise Andrew, the owner of I Fucking Love Science ♡
Fictional Geek Female: Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones. Be still, my heart~
Character to Cosplay: Sally Jupiter
Movie: Tekkonkinkreet
TV Show: Don’t make me choose! I love Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Broad City…
Color: Pink!
Style of Panties: Cheekies forever, cheekies for life

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