Minnie d’Moocha

Birthday: April 20th
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Astrological Sign: I’m born on what’s known as the “cusp of power”, so I’m equal parts Aries and Taurus.

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

Where I grew up, being a nerd or a geek was not a cool thing. I quit cheerleading to be President of my Glee club. Believe me, I was shoved into my fair share of lockers, and bullied for liking the Xfiles. My nickname in High School was Scully, and to think-they thought it was an insult! But I never stopped letting my geek flag from flying! I grew out of the social and physical awkwardness, and blossomed into a self-confident, empowered young woman! I educated myself on my own dime, and I revel in the ability to learn something new every day! I’ve embraced my sensuality, and sexuality, and love blending those things with my passion for cosplay and pop culture and live burlesque performances!

– Minnie d’Moocha

My nerdy little secrets.

I don’t play a lot of video games! Growing up my parents wouldn’t let me have a console, so instead I turned to table top games! I like to think of myself as an old school gamer, out there with my pencil, paper, and bag of dice! Current campaigns I’m in are a Dawnfire campaign, a WOD Mage Ascension campaign, and a Cyberpunk campaign. I have a few gaming, nerd tattoos on my body! I am also an administrator/GM of an online Marvel based rpg, and I am a LARPer!

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Dream Cosplay

It really changes from year to year! But Satine’s Diamonds are a Girl’s Best friend, heck, any of Satine’s costumes from Moulin Rouge would just be a glittery, sparkly dream! Or Anastasia’s quick change in Once Upon a September!


Convention: I’m a classic comic book kinda fan, so I would say NYCC. But any con where I have amazing company and I’m surrounded by my friends is a winner in my book!
Real Geek Female: Ruth Bader Ginsberg! RBG is one of my heroes in life! She’s an amazing, intelligent woman out there changing the world every day! Awesome doesn’t have an age limit!
Fictional Geek Female: Kate Bishop/Hawkeye. Some would say the better Hawkeye, I definitely would!
Character to Cosplay: Princess Anna from Frozen! She’s adorkable and sweet, kinda like me.
Food: Pizza. Pizza. Pizza.
Movie: There are so, so many! Moulin Rouge, Anastasia, Mrs Henderson Presents, Frozen
TV Show: It’s between Once Upon A Time, The Walking Dead, and Judge Judy. She’s just so darn sassy!
Color: Purple
Style of Panties: When I’m trying to feel fancy, gstrings. When I’m bumming around the house working on cosplays, bikini briefs.

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