Birthday: August 15th
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Furious
Astrological Sign: Leo

Fan Service

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I have been into geeky things all my life, my grandmother introduced me to comics and anime when i was young, and since then it stuck. I love anime, manga, comics, figures, video games, honestly alot of things I adore.

– Nerdee

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Fan Service

Fan Service

My nerdy little secrets.

Browsing Hentai manga, mostly my favorite one The Great Escape.

Dream Cosplay

Imp or Adult Midna


Convention: Ramencon, it might be small but I adore this convention. The staff is amazing, the hotel staff are great. Con-goers are lovely as well. The con treats con-goers as people adn they care alot!
Real Geek Female: Amy Poehler
Fictional Geek Female: A tied between Willow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Seven of Nine
Character to Cosplay: A tie between Malon and Rose Tyler
Food: Sushi or Corn on the cob
Movie: Burlesque or Pitch Perfect
TV Show: I could not pick one but I ADORE Doctor Who, Arrow, The Flash, and Zombie Nation
Color: Purple
Style of Panties: Boyshorts

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