Peachy Keen

Birthday: July 29th
Pronoun: They/Them
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Astrological Sign: Leo

Peachy Keen’s Photo Sets

Fondest Geek Memory

1. Gigi Edgely freaking out of my Chiana cosplay and glomping me.
2. Cracking jokes with Peewee Herman!

– Peachy Keen

My nerdy little secrets.

I know “Master of Disguise” line for line.

Recommended Sets

Fantasy Free Me

Monstrous Matriarch

Permission Slip

Dream Cosplay

Mimete from Sailor Moon

Favorite Character to Cosplay.

Convention: Dragoncon
Real Geek Female: Nana! She’s my horror wait.
Fictional Geek Female: Aeon Flux
Character to Cosplay: Ellen Ripley
Movie: Alien
TV Show: Farscape
Color: Seafoam greenish blue!
Style of Panties: Boxers shorts

Peachy’s Blogs

Happy To Be a Goddess!

I’m so happy to be apart of the MGG family! I hope you all enjoyed my debut set, more to come very soon! Follow me on Ingram – XenoFrell for more updates on shows, shoots, and more!

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