Birthday: April 2nd
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual
Pronouns: He/They
Astrological Sign: Mandalorian Rising

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Hero in Training

What makes me a Geek God?

I’m just your average ADHD riddled, Dyslexic, Dork-o-Sourus with a passion for all things geeky & kinky.

– Rebel

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Hero in Training

Hero in Training

Dream Cosplay
Full Metal Iron Man Suit
Fondest Geek Memory
Getting stuck outside Animanga in 100 degree weather was fun.

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Clown Prince of Crime

What are your nerdy little secrets:

I loooove to get kinky:) bondage, scratching, biting, and some masochistic tendencies are all on the table for me.

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Convention: Wondercon
Real Geek: Ryan Potter
Fictional Geek: Beast Boy
Character to Cosplay: Spider-man
Food: Pizza
Movie: Suckerpunch
TV Show: Currently House of the Dragon, The Clone Wars, and Umbrella Academy
Color: Black
Style of Panties: Man-thong

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