Tox Suki

Birthday: February 23rd
Sexual Orientation: I’m Bisexual..lets play and you’ll find out!
Astrological Sign: Pisces

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

My love for indie comics all the way to playing my PS4 car games.

– Tox Suki

Fondest Geek Memory

Getting my first Charizard card… I may have been dancing in the store >.> LOL

Recommended Sets


Sassy Lost Child

Anta Baka

Dream Cosplay

Selene from underworld


Convention: Supercon!
Real Geek Female: Michelle Rodriguez…doing those epic game voices *FAINTS*
Fictional Geek Female: Kenzi from lost girl!
Character to Cosplay: The Joker!!!!! I have a bazooka that squirts water out of a flower and its HUGE!
Food: cheez-it
Movie: Fast And Furious (ALL OF THEM)
TV Show: Vampire Knight
Color: Red & Green
Style of Panties: thongs & boyshorts ;P

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