Wicked Lady

Birthday: November 19th
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Pronouns: She/Her
Astrological Sign: Scorpio

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What makes me a Geek Goddess?

I love what I love, and I display it proudly. I’ve been a Geek my entire life. That’s never changed. There are so many different facets of Geekdom, and it’s ever growing. What makes me a Geek isn’t necessarily the same as what makes someone else a Geek. And I adore that. It’s this ridiculously passionate community. I personally LOVE anime. It’s been a very big part of my life forever. I’m also the biggest Harry Potter fan. I currently have two HP tattoos. A Dark Mark where Dark Marks go, and I have Mischief Managed on my side. I’ve gone to Wizarding World a couple of times, and I dream of making it over to London to experience the REAL Wizarding World. :3 I love decorating rooms with all of my prints and memorabilia. Sometimes it’s hard to find wall space, but I somehow make it work. My room is definitely my happy place in all its weeb ass glory. xD It’s hella good being a Geek girl. I’d never want to change that. 

– Wicked Lady

My nerdy little secrets.

I wouldn’t say I have many nerdy little secrets. I lay it all out for everyone to see, and judge as they see fit! xD I do play YuGiOh Forbidden Memories entirely too often. They should come out with a new game when they come out with the new movie dammit! Favorite Character to Cosplay: Probably Poison Ivy, because she’s one of my favorite female baddies of all time, and you can’t not feel sexy when wearing any and all of her outfits. Who doesn’t love a redhead? ;D

Recommended Sets

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Dream Cosplay

My name says it all. My DREAM cosplay is totally Wicked (Black) Lady from Sailor Moon. One day I will have the resources and the funds to do her ABSOLUTELY PERFECTLY. But alas... Until then, I will simply hold her name. I adore this character way too much, and I would never want to attempt her unless I knew that I could knock it out of this world. It's the perfectionist within me. One day man, one day.


Convention: NYCC! It’s madness, but always filled with good times!
Real Geek Female: Kelly Eden. She’s a HUGE inspiration to me. That girl just radiates so much love and positivity! ((My computer has me questioning my sanity. It’s saying Positivity is spelled wrong. LIES. You Negative Nancy.)) She’s the most wonderful MUA, and gorgeously skilled model, not to mention her true down to earth nature, and uber Geek Girl status. Everything I aspire to be! And two of her favorite things are Sailor Moon, and DBZ. A girl after my own heart. *Swoon*
Fictional Geek Female: This is WAY too hard. There are just too many fictional ladies that I’m in love with. So in this moment, as I look to my right, the first thing I see is my Rey POP! figure. And I think that she is a very good answer to this question! I can’t even express how excited I was to hear that Star Wars Episode 7 would have a female protag! Not the hot side piece, but an honest to goodness MAIN character. STEP ASIDE BOYS. She’s smart, and an adorable quirky little BADASS who will make the force her bitch! I mean, look how far she’s already come with no training whatsoever! Bring it Kylo Ren. ((But who am I trying to fool? I totally ship them. Whoops.))
Food: I have a legit pasta problem. I eat it entirely way too often. Mac and Cheese, Spaghetti, Pasta Salad, I could eat pasta every damn day. I don’t know how people can cut it out completely for diet purposes. I’m just like nope, I’ll be sitting here in the corner, shoveling my weight in pasta into my gullet. Kay, byeeee.
Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy, Interview With a Vampire, Moulin Rouge, Anything Disney, Harry Potter (Duh)
TV Show: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Shameless, Breaking Bad, Parks and Rec, Orphan Black, Buffy, OITNB, Supernatural
Color: Orange!
Style of Panties: Cheeky boyshorts

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