Nerdlesque Guide


MyGeekGoddess is thrilled to be attending Raleigh Supercon and bringing our own embodiment of the nerdy burlesque fusion NERDLESQUE.

If you have never been to a burlesque show we understand it can be a little intimidating; here’s our handy etiquette guide so that both you and our performers have the best time possible!

What is Burlesque?

Burlesque is the art of the tease. It’s not about stripping, it’s a choreographed routine from the mind of each performer. It involves a story, including moments of complete seduction and hilarity to bring you a well rounded experience.. Many of our perfomers consider themselves ecdysiast meaning ‘strip tease artist’. Yes clothes will come off but it’s not about simple disrobing, it’s the entire journey from fully clothed to pastie goodness.
What if I prefer a certain body type?

MyGeekGods and MyGeekGoddess are 100% body positive, we love all body types. But we realize some people can’t help but have a preference. We encourage viewers to remember; even if a performer isn’t your personal cup of tea, they are working just as hard to entertain as performers that you may be more personally drawn to. All performers work for hours constructing their routines and we invite you to be loud for all of them, because without the entire ensemble we wouldn’t be able to do the show that we do.

What am I going to see at this show?

Each of our two shows are unique and feature different acts; most of the performers do at least one quick change to bring you a second (or sometimes third) act. Performers will strip down through layers of glitter and rhinestone goodness down to next to nothing! You’ll be seeing lots of panties, thongs, pasties and intricate coverings meant to show off all our awesome body types!

Can I make noise?

MAKE ALL THE NOISE. Shouting, Cheering, Hooting and Hollering lets the performers know you like what you see and you want to see more! If you are quiet, they may just keep their clothes on! Stage lights make it hard to see the audience; making noise engages the performer and fires them up. Bring a fresh set of lungs and get ready to make some noise!

Is tipping appropriate?

Absolutely! Tipping is not only appropriate but highly encouraged! Pasties, Rhinestones, Glitter and Glam all come at a high price tag and the more you tip the more we can put right back into our next performance!

Can I touch the performers?

Do not touch the performers in any way. The best way to show your enjoyment is by making noise, and tipping to let them know just how awesome their acts were. Even if a performer takes their act to the audience it is not an invitation to try and grab or grope them.  Nothing is sexier than consent.