Hey everyone! It’s been a little over a month since I attended Katuscon for the first time, and I felt like sharing the excitement I still have from attending. I decided to go for the first time this year to celebrate my birthday, and I cannot be more grateful for the experience I had attending. It felt like a more manageable DragonCon to me, with the added bonus of perfectly cool weather and beautiful places to shoot both inside and outside of the hotel and convention center. The convention weekend began rocky. We had an issue with getting our rental car and left a lot later than we intended. Despite the long drive, we all still dressed up and attended the con. I had the pleasure of working with Eurobeat Kasumi Thursday and Friday of the con for the first time in my life! He took beautiful photos of my Winged Victory and Witch Mercy cosplays. Both are actually sets you can see up on the site! My birthday being the Saturday of Katsucon, I decided to debut a new cosplay. I wore Mt. Lady and was able to get some neat photos of her! I cannot wait for the opportunity to shoot this Giant Woman for the site, especially with how well received she was at the convention. She is so comfortable to wear, plus I got to snack on birthday macarons that my friends had got me. I wore Sailor Neptune that Sunday and finally took photos of this costume. I purchased her last year with birthday money received from friends and family. It took me until now to finally have photos taken of her without them being lost! My next two cons appear to be Mega and Momo. Katsu got me SO pumped for my 2019 conventions! Who all am I going to see there? Were you able to attend Katsu? I would love to hear from you all.


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