Birthday: April 2nd
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Astrological Sign: Aries

Vault Hunter

Invisible to her enemies she shows you just how strong and a siren is.

Kissing Cousins

Cousins you say? They put that myth to rest in this set.


They say the thunder can't hurt you but they obviously didn't mean her.

What makes me a Geek Goddess?

Aside from spending a ridiculous amount of money on toys, games and comics? My costuming dedication. It drives me insane and drives me to success at the same time. It takes over my brain constantly. I can’t even get into new movies/cartoons without thinking “Oh shit, that costume is awesome”.

– Kearstin

My nerdy little secrets.

I’m an achievement-whore when it comes to XBOX. I feel I get my money’s worth when I actually try to 100% a game out as much as I can. Because of this, I become pretty competitive. Which I love!

Dream Cosplay

Kantus (Gears of War)

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Convention: C2E2 and Dragoncon
Real Geek Female: Tara Strong
Fictional Geek Female: Jean Grey
Character to Cosplay: 90’s Jim Lee’s Jean Grey
Food: Taco Bell
Movie: Wizard of Oz or The Little Mermaid
TV Show: I Love Lucy or The Powerpuff Girls
Color: Blue
Style of Panties: Lacey boyshorts

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