Aged Wine From The Rack

Wow, it’s been a long time hasn’t it, my pretties? Just when you thought I wasn’t going to be a part of this amazing community anymore, I’m back and ready to create Create CREATE! It’s been a heavy, developmental journey I’ve been on, fighting the demons I’m sure we’ve all been through. You’re not alone! What are some of the amazing things you’ve been up to since I’ve seen you last? What have I missed?

For me, I was hesitant at first to return because I felt as time had gone by, I’ve aged enough that I may not be of the same energy or have the same interest I had from the start. Being an original deity for the company sets that subconscious expectation where you want to always deliver! Turns out, I’ve been in my head! I will be continuing to be the sexually free spirit I’ve always been, regardless of how old I am. This is what makes this exciting all over again. Mutant and proud! And what makes it more exciting, is that I continue to share it with you all. Being proud.

I hope everyone has had an amazing journey as GG continues to grow. I’m just as stoked as I was when the site first launched so this is going to be great! I hope you’ll help me by keeping this party going! Wait, did someone say something about wine?

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