Petite Renard

Birthday: April 28th
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Astrological Sign: Taurus

Cherry Bomb

Let this cold hearted vixen warm you up from the winter cold.

Stuff My Muffin

Let this star take you on a sexy tour of the solar system.

Saddle Up

Saddle Up your universe and take it for a ride.

What makes you a Geek Goddess?

I’m a geek goddess because I’ve been a little weirdo sci-fi babe since I was born (how many kids under 18 have seen or heard of Lair of the White Worm?) and when I realized I could combine my love of theater, costumes, and being nude, a future GG was born! 

– Petite Renard

Fondest Geek Memory

When I was a tween, my mom took me to an extremely small but surprisingly good con at my local hotel. The first year I got to meet Virginia Hey of Farscape and she very kindly took photos with me and gave me Zhaan rings! The following year, I got to see Anthony Simcoe, Gigi Edgely, and Lani Tupu do a panel and it was so much fun. I forget about that moment a lot but I’m so grateful my parents encouraged my weirdness instead of making me feel bad. 

Recommended Sets

Cherry Bomb

Forbidden Foray

Skeptical Believer

Dream Cosplay

My first one was Chiana from Farscape (the show that got me through middle school!) but the next one is Mistress from the webcomic Oglaf. I am VERY excited to make that one happen.

Favorite Character to Cosplay.

Convention: NYCC! Can’t beat my hometown!
Fictional Geek Female: Skye of Lynlora! (Google Darkened Skye and be horrified) Also forever and always Mistress. Arya Stark.
Character to Cosplay: Chiana, because she is such an obscure reference. I got a lot of double takes and people running over to double check they weren’t crazy! And Ma-Sha from Rick & Morty. The headdress is made from doll arms and is just really silly. (Fun fact, Ma-Sha is also voiced by the wonderful Claudia Black of, you guessed it, Farscape!)
Food: Steak, potatoes, bruschetta, cake, ice cream, margaritas.
Movie: Moulin Rouge, Babe, Ratatouille, My Neighbor Totoro
TV Show: Big Mouth, Bojack Horseman, Farscape, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Game of Thrones, High Maintenance
Color: Any color but black.
Style of Panties: I’m a commando queen. Sorry, Mom.

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