Mygeekglory is a troupe run by geeks and nerds for geeks and nerds. Strong with us the force is.

We celebrate the beauty and diversity of geeks and their community.

Our live show takes all your love of burlesque and fuses it with nerdy fan service and naughty notions of your favorite characters in NERDLESQUE. Grab your pasties and suit up superheroes for all the humor of vaudeville and all the sensational body positivity you've come to know from the MyGeekGlory brand.

You've seen them tease and tantalize you through photos but imagine the excitement when our Geeky Goddesses and Gods perform live. They will descend from Mount Olympus and may lose some clothing along the way. You have heard of the siren song, but wait until you see them move! Join us and be ready to kneel!

What to Expect: Teaser Video​
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Performer and Show Photos


Meredith Placko (Reporter): “These aren't your plain old pin up gals, these ladies will go toe to toe with you in comic trivia and curb stomp you in a round of Borderlands. Sexy, smart and true geeks at heart, I love my ladies at GeekGoddess!”
Convention Booths/Fan Tables: While everyone at MyGeekGlory is comfortable with nudity we know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. We are committed to remaining professional and appropriate to the location we are attending. While we do sell nude prints they are NEVER publicly displayed. We always make sure the potentially offensive bits are covered. Uncensored images can be viewed (after we check ID) in either a discrete portfolio or a section of our booth that is curtained off from the general public (space permitting).

Convention Activities: Looking for a little extra spice at your convention? We can also work with you on events and panels. See the list below to find out what we may be able to to do for your convention:

Party Support:
Need some help to make your party pop? We can help. Whether your need is simple or more complex we are here to help. From Go-Go Dancers to EmCee Services and Entertainment. We can even help you plan the perfect Nerdy Rave/Party.
How to Talk to Other Nerds: These days convention and geek events are becoming more and more diverse. MyGeekGlory will share what to do and what not to do when attempting first contact other geeks. They will share what they find personally attractive as well as generalizations that may be false (or true) when trying to approach a nerdy person.
Putting It on to Take it Off:
Making elaborate, accurate, labor intensive costumes, wigs and props is hard enough on its own; making them with the plan to take them off isn’t any easier. Our performers discuss the trials and tribulations of planning and creating costumes that meet their own personal standards of creativity on the convention floor, the stage and in front of the camera lens.
Cosplay Modeling in the Age of Consent:
The deities of MyGeekGlory break down taboos and explain why nudity doesn’t necessarily mean you are naughty (except when you want to be). Find out how nudity and the art of the lewd and nude can empower and what it can offer besides a paycheck. We will lay to rest many of the misconceptions about those who embrace their sexuality as both a way of life, a career path and for good old fashioned FUN. (Recommended for Adult Audiences)
Anything You’ve Wanted to Ask A Nude Cosplay Model: More than just sex ed for the nerd and geek this panel is an interactive opportunity to ask all those questions you’ve been too afraid to voice before now. The Geek Deities don’t blush easily and we invite you to swallow your fear and ask away. Questions aren’t limited to sex but will probably go there. You’ve been warned.
(Recommended for Adult Audiences)

Are you a Performer? If you are an established Burlesque/Nerdlesque performer and you are wondering what all the MyGG hype is about please take a look at our FAQs.

Business Philosophy

Geeks Goddesses are more than pawns in a game or damsels to be saved; they are strong, fierce and beautiful women who are an integral part of a culture we value. Geek Gods are more than washboard abs, high scorers or socially awkward Barbarians with a 3 Charisma; they are smart, kind and charming members of a community we love. We aim to lead from within our beloved geek culture, strengthening it while leaving no corner of fandom overlooked. We engage our audience, draw them in and invite them to grow with us. To this end we invite Geek Goddesses and their fans to share their unique views and interests together as we celebrate a culture of all things that could be considered geeky and/or nerdy