July and Mid-August Update

Hey everyone! I wanted to post an update about all that has happened the past three weeks! I’m currently living in a new state and home. It’s lovely here, and I am so excited to see how my health improves here. I’ve spent the last three weeks unpacking my room and trying to settle. It finally feels like a home to me, which is helping me feel motivated to work and be social again. Chronic Pain makes it difficult to want to socialize, so having three weeks of radio silence to just get through my pain until my flare ended helped so much! I set up my sewing machine, but my sewing room is a disaster right now! It’s only barely functional, but I’ll make it work until I can fully unpack it. To test my lighting and new spot, I attached the sleeves and front panel back onto my Maple cosplay so that I can bring her to the next MyGG event I am on event team for! I am so excited to be fully unpacked and have my living space fully workable. I’m excited for the projects I will have the space to make in such a large area!

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