Oh My, I’m a Blog Failure!

I have no idea why I’ve totally spaced on the fact that I should be writing blogs for you all! I am the worst social networker ever. I do however have a pretty good excuse…I downloaded a Gameboy emulator on my phone…so I’ve once again been trapped by the addiction that is Pokemon. I’m currently playing through Emerald again, such love! I also had to beat Lillith for the second time for a replay on DMC (Devil May Cry), and that replay is consuming my life as well. I seriously want to cosplay Dante so bad, but man, quite the pricey cosplay! ;D. Maybe eventually I can collect all the items. I have a few cosplays up my sleeve I’m working on, and a couple I need to complete…like my Ciel Phantomhive…I’ve ordered the contact lens like 3 times and it keeps getting canceled. This makes me so sad. I started playing this demo for this one game Anna. I think I want to buy the full game now, it’s pretty legit, reminds me of Slenderman…but I’m terribly curious…I kind of owe myself new video games.

In OTHER news XD…

I was excited to see my set go live! Brenin did such an amazing job! I’m trying to plan my next set, but I’m having a tough time deciding on one and thinking of what hasn’t been done yet…hmm decisions! I’m browsing a lot through Ebay and Amazon…hopefully this Yule season I’ll accumulate some awesome new cosplays as gifts! I’m really staring down a Mikasa cosplay…Must not buy…..(maybe later XD). I’ve currently got a PS4 on layaway, I’m way behind but I kind of need it in my life…and it’s brilliant, I can give it as a Yule gift and still have unlimited play time on it…it doesn’t get better than that, right ;D Giving awesome gifts while also getting the gift of using them! Yay! I was debating between XBox One and PS4…but I’ve always been more of a Playstation girl, plus, the Attack on Titan video game is coming out on the PS4…this makes it a necessity in my life. The XBox 360 I have is still going strong, but here’s to hoping it keeps going until I can get a new XBox as well ha.

Wow, you can tell I have nothing to talk about in blogs other than cosplay and video games…at least you could say I’m living the dream ;].

I just got back in town from a tour to Greenville, SC with my lovely travel buddy, Astrid Von Winter (I’m still trying to talk her into signing up on here so we can get naked together…I mean..who doesn’t want that?!) I got to work with a new photographer while in Greenville, we got some pretty rad images! You can check them out on Facebook.com/xMarauderx or Tsu.co/Marauder (PS if you want to sign up for Tsu, just use that code as the short code, it’s a cool website!). I’ve been keeping super busy trying to keep up with social media and potentially planning a tour for West Coast in the Summer, how cool would that be? I might need to set up an Indiegogo like we did for Fetcon in order to hopefully cover some of the costs of travel, but at least it would guarantee awesome pictures ;]. Speaking of Indiegogo, I’m working on a new project on there. I’ll link everyone once I get the page finished (I’ve been too busy to think straight lately eek) so you can check out the craziness I work on.

I’m doing retail right now at this anime swag store. It’s cool things to sell, but oh my god, it’s been crazy with the holidays. And I keep getting hit on my teenagers…eek, jail bait!

I’m going to be honest, I have no idea what you guys want to read in this, maybe you should leave me suggestions XD haha…I actually forgot how entertaining it is to blog…I haven’t done this in so long, I can just ramble forever about absolutely nothing. It works for me! Anyways, we do have pretty cool anime swag at work. I want a replica sword of AOT, but I’m waiting patiently…the holidays mean it’s time to be super broke of course ;].

Anyways, I’ve been rambling about practically nothing.

So, tonight, I went to the gym to do my evening workout and I checked the mail on the way and got an awesome surprise! I received an item from my Amazon wishlist from Hyperion! It’s an awesome cat suit, can’t wait to try it on ;]. Thank you so much Hyperion, I need to come up with something incredible to use it for so I can send you a cool print! Nothing makes my day like receiving an item from my wishlist!

If you want to contribute, you can do that here: http://amzn.com/w/2GEAYPMXO8Q26

Thanks for all the words of welcome and the love! I can’t wait to bring you guys my next set! What would YOU like to see? :]


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