HelloOOooOo all!

Because at heart I’m a dumb bitch, it took me quite a while to figure out the blog (RIP). However HELLO! It is nice to virtually meet you all! I guess this will just be the about me blah blah blah so I’ll try to make it interesting as possible.

Here, have some mood music while I tell you about me.

As you can see on the profile I am FTM/NB and use He/They pronouns please and thank you- though I will never be offended by accidents or using character pronouns when in costume! I fancy myself an LGBTQ+ activist, artist, cosplayer, drag and burlesque performer, event producer, horror fanatic, gamer, and I’m sure a billion other things.

I have an undergrad in Videogame Development focused in production and cinematics- however I am not currently active in the industry (PS it’s super toxic and not good for those with poor mental and physical health). Currently I am in a masters programme for Creative Event Management because I feel that’s more so my passion and can be applied to everything I love and have talents in! Lookout for some crazy queer geek events in the future that will absolutely feature some MGG deities- in the meantime I will be in some digital shows doing my best to balance all my bs. I generally put too much on my plate… im dying

Speaking of which I promise I am working on some more costumes! I have basically completed an Alucard from Castlevania, which will be on backlog for a photoshoot sometime in the distant future. Currently I am about 1/3 through Yennefer’s Alt outfit…

My photographer lives on a horse-farm so maybe if I beg I can ride a horse nekkid. More to come on that. You’ll have to stick around to find out!

I down to chat on the discord- though I tend to get lost in all the different sections so please @ me!

Also find out what I am doing outside of MGG by checking out the social links as well as my website!


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